Steely Dan – Aja & Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed [both SHM SACD]   Leave a comment

I have a couple of Redbook CDs cut on Super Hard Material (SHM), and a number of Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD). Both formats have given terrific results. So, I was really looking forward to these two (my first) on SHM SACD. The only Steely Dan on SACD has been Gaucho, and I have Let It Bleed as an SHM CD.

Both discs are Japanese imports, and ran about $55 each, shipped.

What an expensive load of crap.

Aja has plenty of detail. However, it sounds as if they tried to EQ a master cut for another format. The soundstage is claustrophobic. At first, I thought there might be a phase problem. However, the instruments have too much presence for that.

Let It Bleed has less detail than my CD. There is simply no excuse for that. Particularly when I have heard how good the very rare, original SACD sounds. This second time around is soft, lacking both definition and detail.

On the upside, you now know what to avoid.


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