Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (Immersion Edition)   Leave a comment

This set has almost all the same strengths and weaknesses of the DSOTM Immersion Edition. I guess they should get points for being consistent. The same use of 24/96 on the Blu-ray (When my SACD for WYWH arrives, I’ll get to do the Blu-ray vs. SACD thing.), and another outstanding quality extra tracks disc. This one includes early versions of songs that wind up on Animals. This extras disc has become one of my favorite discs from The Floyd, period.

The extra visual material is lacking. The 20 or so minutes of projection footage (you get to see where some of the animation used in The Wall movie came from) keeps company with a rather poor short film by Storm Thurgerson.

We get two more nice books that could have been one, another nice print, and another load of non-A/V nonsense. At least they addressed some of the packaging shortcomings by putting all five discs in cardboard sleeves, with the option of tacking four of them into tray attached to the inside of the box.

And, of course, the glaring omission: They left out the postcard included with the original release (And again, an item that was included for years).

Proper treatment of Animals & Meddle, please.


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