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Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street [Single Layer SHM SACD]   Leave a comment

Given my first experience with SHM SACD releases, I have been _very_ reluctant to give them another go: The path is an expensive one (This time around: $64.69, shipped).

IMPORTANT: This disc is single layer. If you don’t have an SACD player, you will not be able to play this disc.

A track-by-track rundown isn’t necessary. Simply, there are so many little things that I haven’t heard before, and mastering mistakes finally fixed, it is at times like listening to a new record.

This version of Exile is what I’ve always thought the record could sound like. There’s real soundstage, depth, and you can hear when the vocals are cut live. Yes, there is distortion, and plenty of mic bleed. Welcome to Rock ‘n’ Roll.