Frank Zappa – Zoot Allures   Leave a comment

Every version of this record I have heard has been consistent in its murkiness on the studio tracks. This time around, there is still a bit dimness to the proceedings, but far from a deal-breaker. This CD is easily the best version I have heard, on any format (as if the Cassette and 8-Track are hard to beat).

Sourced off the 1976 analog master, with this CD release we get two of Frank’s signature guitar tracks (Black Napkins and Zoot Allures), the first half of his examination of disco culture (Disco Boy), and one of what I’ll refer to as a shut-up-and-play-my-guitar track, The Torture Never Stops. That, and Wonderful Wino has a pretty good thump to it.

The brilliant half of the record is indispensable, and makes a lot of the rest seem like filler. That said, the filler is about gas stations, blow-up dolls, and the pursuit of that special lady friend. In other words, just another day in Zappaville, USA.


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