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Frank Zappa – You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volumes 2 & 5   Leave a comment

The other two installments of the YCDTOSA series remasters I wanted to upgrade. Before some specific jabber about each one, the biggest point I want to get out is that neither of them suffer from the phase problem of Volume 1. And so…

Using a 1630 digital master from 1993, this version of Volume 2 is a sonic improvement over the original Ryko release. With an improved noise floor and a little more detail, this release allows more of the performance to come though.

Noteworthy tracks include the Tush Tush Tush open, Inca Roads, RDNZL, and Montana (which, along with a request for Whipping Post that Mr. Frank finally delivers on a decade later, we get to hear Ruth Underwood complain about the breakneck pace at the start).

It could be argued that there are some better overall performances to be had from ’74 (01 Oct. & 23 Nov. come to mind), the high points from this YCDTOSA installment definitely make it worth the ride.

The new Volume 5 is also using a 1630 digital master (from 1992). I don’t have my original Ryko issue to compare. Working from memory, the sonic quality of this version of Volume 5 is also a subtle improvement of the original. There are a lot of details with this new version that I don’t remember hearing previously.

Disc One (1965-1969) is a great bit of MOI anthropology, while Disc Two is devoted to the, er, riotous 1982 band, and includes the end of the Geneva show, where Mr. Frank pulled the plug because of stuff being thrown on stage.

So, the punch line: If you already own the original releases, and don’t really love ’em, the upgrade will be hard to justify. If you are new to the YCDTOSA series, I think (in order) Volumes 1, 5, and 2 make up the better half of the series.


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Grupo Fantasma   Leave a comment

Last week, a free show at Market Square:

Grupo Fantasma

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