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Looking over previous entries, one could draw the conclusion that I don’t have much use for contemporary music. Or, at least contemporary artists & their latest releases. The older I get, the less time I have for exploring Vast Musical Horizons. And as Roger Daltrey has recently informed us, Rock is dead. Most of my Musical Exploratory Time is now spent with Jazz & Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, almost exclusively in the 50-year span of 1925-1975 (A typical trajectory for any music fan who started out on Rock ‘n’ Roll and is still actively listening to music when they hit Middle Age).

Back on the beam…

Hailing from Germany, The Spacelords are a contemporary blend of some of elements that fuel the Stoner / Space Rock genres. Liquid Sun is their fourth outing, and a huge step forward from their previous, Synapse. About that…

Give Synapse a listen. While the first half of the record sounds like they are still figuring some things out, the second half totally clicks. The biggest problem with Synapse is a poor mix.

Liquid Sun is quite simply The Goods, All That And A Bag Of Crisps, etc. The three tracks take their time building (TRT for the record is about 44 minutes), and the influences are seemingly obvious: Hawkwind, Robin Trower, a sprinkling of early Tangerine Dream. The contemporary comparison that is perhaps a better fit is that Liquid Sun feels a lot like a later period Mermen release.

Thankfully, The Spacelords can be found docked this side of the L-5 point:


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