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I also spend a fair amount of time dealing with Jerry Garcia shows. Like the Grateful Dead post, instead of a bunch of digital scribble about Jerry Garcia shows, here you are getting a list. However, with this list there is no distinction between Worth Having and Essential. If you are a Jerry Head, there is only Jerry and Not Jerry. That said, some dates may be partials, or particular tracks.

This list will get updated from time to time, and that may include deletions.


1971-05-20 [w/ Merl Saunders] (I don’t have a show ID: It’s the GEMS 24-bit SBD)

1971-09-24 [w/ Merl Saunders] (004497)

1972-01-20 [w/ Merl Saunders] [Man-Child, My Problems Got Problems, Save Mother Earth] (009766)

1975-11-17/18 (as Let It Rock)


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