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Blue Öyster Cult – Some Enchanted Evening   Leave a comment

Stepped into the Way Back Machine yesterday: Blue Öyster Cult – Some Enchanted Evening. Even the new Legacy Edition [includes a DVD] can’t make this set more compelling.

After not hearing the record all the way through for 20+ years, my take hasn’t changed: The only thing that _still_ moves is “Astronomy.” Part H.P. Lovecraft, part Robert E. Howard, part Heavy Metal (the magazine) and part Heavy Metal (the music), it’s eight and a half minutes of Humboldt Select, drawn out bliss. So, while I am slagging the rest of the record, this version of “Astronomy” is one of the best tracks in the BOC catalog, period, and great for making converts.

The DVD’s very sub-par picture quality is not really a problem. However, the audio quality is. It sounds like they used a couple a mics flown in front of the stage. The DVD is for completists only.