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Reiter In:

Mother of Babbling God, this is a great record. The sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are palpable across a set of originals and covers, including  a couple of spoken word pieces. The disc opens with a raging “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” with reads of “Mountain Side” and “Are Friends Electric?” that just might top the originals.

Sound quality is excellent. From all the headroom and ambiance, it sounds like the compression is in the tracks, not on the disc. Great mastering job.

I got a little smile out of the liner notes. I remember a conversation at the In-Store for ‘Soft Dangerous Shores’ where Whitley was asked about recording. Explaining that he was a 2-inch, analogue kind of guy, Question Man got a little twitchy when Whitley told him, “I have a source. Man, I can get all the 2 inch tape I want.” Sounds like we know where some of it went.

On Air:

An edited release of his “Sparkasse in concert” performance for Radio Bremen on September 8th, 2003. For Train Spotters, the entire set list follows. Songs that appear on the CD are followed by [Released Track NN]:

01. The Old Man And Me [Released Track 01]

02. Poison Girl

03. Drifting [Released Track 02]

04. Home Is Where You Get Across

05. Kick The Stones [Released Track 03]

06. Clear Blue Sky [Released Track 04]

07. Bullfrog Blues [Released as “Light Rain” Track 05]

08. She’s Alright [Released Track 06]

09. New Lost World [Released Track 07]

10. To Joy (Revolution of the Innocents) [Released Track 08]

11. Crystal Ship [Released Track 09]

12. Living With The Law

13. 4th Time Around [Released Track 10]

14. New Machine

15. Vertical Desert [Released Track 11]

16. God Thing

17. Hotel Vast Horizon [Released Track 12]

18. Scrapyard Lullaby [Released Track 13]

19. Phonecall From Leavenworth [Released Track 14]

20. Serve You

21. From A Photograph [Released Track 15]

22. Shadowland [Released Track 16]

23. Well All Right [Released Track 17]

24. Velocity Girl [Released Track 18]

A well recorded show in front of a great audience, I prefer this disc over his other authorized live release “Live at Martyrs’.” The usual mix of originals and covers, this set is not the aggressive performance of the Martyrs’ disc, or the smattering of live material that has shown up as B-sides. What this set does have is a seemingly focused performance, with more of a sense of a beginning, middle, and end.


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