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Mr. Frank continued his Hot Rats sessions clean out (tracks showed up on Burnt Weeny Sandwich & Weasels Ripped My Flesh) with Chunga’s Revenge. At the same time, he moved forward both with new music and band members. It is a different kind of weird when ex-Turtles Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (Flo & Eddie) show up.

The mix is dense, the playing is greasy, and the guitar tone is nasty. Nice girls do not date people who repeatedly listen to this record.

Oh Well.

While the title cut is really good, the earlier take (Chunga Basement) included on the DVD-A release, Quaudiophiliac, is a stone groove. It wouldn’t have worked on Chunga’s Revenge, but it is a better pass.

The rest of Chunga’s Revenge is more great guitar work, sprinkled with tales of life on tour that range from groupie stuff to dealing with musicians’ union weasels. The last track, Sharleena, is a great piece of do-wop influenced, pop-ish something or other.

The analog master does a great job of letting all the crunchy sleaze come across. I remember once when talking to Gail, she asked what my favorite Zappa records were. I mentioned that in chronological order, We’re Only In It For The Money would be the first stop, followed by Chunga’s Revenge.

She started laughing, and then asked me why. I jabbered on for a while, going on about the sound and the music. She kept asking more questions about my take on the record. Finally, I asked her why she was so interested in what I thought about Chunga’s. She said, “It was one of Frank’s favorite records. Most people don’t say much about it.”

Chunga’s Revenge on SACD, please.


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