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A few months ago, I got a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls (Serial# 14R227 & 14R228, date as 1977). In all-original condition, it was no surprise the caps were toast. The company who made them no longer makes a canned oil capacitor with specs anywhere close to the ones originally used in the crossovers. So…

I swapped in some new Sonicaps, and no surprise again, the sound was horrible. I suspect the move made for a mismatch with the original autotransformers.

Since I wasn’t willing to go down the Research/Nearly Endless Tinkering/Time Sink/Rabbit Hole associated with a full rebuild, I checked out ALK Engineering and Crites. Being able to set the roll-off for both the Tweeter and the Squawker on the ALKs make them worth the higher price tag.

The picture below: On the left, an original crossover, re-capped. On the right, an ALK CornScalla-Wall crossover. Compared to the all-original crossovers, the ALKs are more detailed, and a little less warm. I suspect that with a little use, both the electronics will cook a little, my hearing will sufficiently attenuate, and the warmth will return.

Tweeters are rolled off at -4 dB, the Squawkers at -9 dB.

Cornwall Crossovers

The crossovers live here:

14R227 07

and here:

14R228 07


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