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Not having heard a lot of these records in 15 or so years, it’s interesting to see how a record hits me now, and how much of that syncs up with what I think I remember.

Hot Rats has always been considered one of the corner stones when building a Zappa collection. The bright, sunny open “Peaches En Regalia” continues to not offend.

My biggest reason for coming back to the record on a regular basis was for the Capt. Beefheart track, Willie The Pimp. Sugarcane Harris plays plenty fine.

I had forgotten how good “Son Of Mr. Green Genes” is, along with the angular and somewhat jazzy “Little Umbrellas.”

Sad to say the last two tracks, “The Gumbo Variations” and “It Must Be A Camel,” still sound like filler.

Sonically? Another analog master that does not disappoint.


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