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One of my favorite live (with a lot of overdubs) records from Mr. Frank, The new re-issue of Tinseltown is using the original analog master, making it the best of the three CD versions I’ve heard. While there are a number of tracks on this record that could easily get the misogyny tag, some of it (notably, Panty Rap) is pretty damn funny. When people play along, how wrong can it really be?

Excellent vocals abound. The layering in Fine Girl (a studio track, so radio stations would have something they could play), and Bob Harris’ lead on Love Of My Life are fantastic.

The band does not disappoint. Standouts include Bamboozled By Love; Peaches III (a really cool version of Peaches (En Regalia)); A raging, updated pass at Brown Shoes Don’t Make It; and Frank’s love letter to LA, Tinsel Town Rebellion. I’ve never found out why it is spelled different from the album title. Dig in.


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