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Yesterday morning, Kathryn and I went to a local diner for breakfast. As we queued up to pay our bill, a trio of women were moving past. The ringleader was using a walker, and had to have been at least in her 80s, if she was a day. One of the other two women was acting as spotter, scanning the floor ahead and making sure it was Walker Impediment Free.

The spotter saw a penny on the ground, and told the ringleader that she would pick it up. Apparently, the ringleader did not get to her position through sloppy or questionable means: She immediately asked if the penny was heads or tails up.

The spotter said, “It’s tails.” Again the ringleader didn’t miss a beat, “That’s bad luck to pick it up. Keep going.”

The ringleader stopped in front of me, and with absolute clarity of both eye and voice, looked at me and said, “Pennies on the ground, tails up, are bad luck. Don’t _ever_ pick one up.”

A textbook Tom Waits Moment. A nod and, “Yes Ma’am” was all I could manage before she continued on.


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